For those of you who do not know what the enneagram is it isn’t just a personality test, at least not really. Instead, it’s a test that shows you who you are, not only your personality. Most people would say that it is an empathy tool. In this, you are able to become more empathetic towards yourself and others.

         When one takes the test they are given a number out of 1-9. This number tells you all about how you function as a human being. The reason that I love the Enneagram so much is because of how it explains who we are as different people. Each type is shown their motives, desires, and deepest sin. These things all play a vital role in anyone’s life, but even more so in a Christians.

          It took me a very long time to figure out my enneagram and to be fully confident in it; almost three years. I have been typed as a 1, 2, 3, and an 8. However, I have come to find that I am a type 2, the helper, with a very strong wing 1, the perfectionist.

          The first time I encountered the enneagram was from a friend who made me take it and to be honest I didn’t understand it. I thought it was weird and cultist, especially with the enneagram as the symbol for it.

          But, as the years past it became more popular and my interest for it peaked, making me read more about which caused me to absolutely fall in love with it.

          To me, the enneagram is a deep pit of self-discovery, but it’s vastly different compared to other personality tests that I have taken before. What I like about the Enneagram is that it’s honest. It hurts to learn about your type because it’s revealing your biggest flaws.

          However, the test doesn’t just drop the bomb on you and walk away, instead, it shows you these flaws in your life so that you can overcome them.

          As Christians, we are called to a higher standard of living. Jesus Christ reveals to us our mistakes and sins, which radically changes our lives for the better.

          The Enneagram does a similar thing. It helps individuals become aware of the root behind most of their acts. In my life, I have never experienced more growth and healing than being able to learn about my enneagram number. I have been able to unmask things in my life that I have shoved deep down, either consciously or unconsciously.

          Knowing my enneagram type as a Christian has shown me how broken I am, often in ways, I didn’t even realize. But the enneagram doesn’t just show where we are flawed, it also reveals how we can grow to become better, more loving, more like Christ.

          When Jesus reveals our sins to us we are able to lay them at His feet. My favorite thing about this is how Abba accepts us as we are in those moments: broken, vulnerable, and hurting.

          When He reveals things to us he doesn’t demand change and submission, instead He extends His hand towards us, picks us up, and walks with us. In every step, towards growth and healing, He is there.

          In my own faith, knowing my enneagram has brought me closer to God in so many unexpected ways. The Enneagram has allowed me to learn about the people around me and their motivations, allowing me to love others and show empathy in a radically new way. I have also been able to learn more about who God has made me to be and how my sin has disconnected me from Him. It has allowed me to call myself to a high standard, to be His beloved daughter despite how flawed I am.

Want to take the test? Here is a great website:

(disclaimer: it took me forever to figure out my number and that may happen to you as well, continue to discover which number is you and don’t give up!)

I’d love to know your number! Comment below if you’d like!


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