I began taking a consistent Sabbath every week about three months ago after finishing Garden City, by John Mark Comer. Since then, I have seen a radical difference in my energy, passion, and attitude throughout each aspect of my life.

          Even though I have been consistent with resting, somehow in the last three weeks I have neglected the need for it with my busy schedule. In this, I have never felt more drained in every part of my life. Not only was I pushing myself to the limit by maxing out my schedule with work, internship, friends, and family, but I was also disregarding my need for time with God and rest. When I began to realize that my lack of sleep, anxiety, and overwhelming emotions was because I hadn’t taken a Sabbath, I recognized the importance of rest more than ever.

          Somehow in the midst of what seemed like chaos, I forgot what’s most important, stillness. I forgot to take a moment, enjoy life, and let myself rest in the presence of the One who created peace. To rest in the One who created time.

          The thing that I love about having a Sabbath is that I get to do nothing. If you’re an introvert like me this is probably some of THE BEST news you’ve ever heard. When I take a day to rest, I have no agenda. The only thing I get to do is relax and worship. Doing those two things is the sole purpose of the Sabbath. I get to wake up, spend time with the Lord and then continue doing things that bring me joy and life.

          God calls us to take time to rest. Even He did (Genesis 2:2 NIV). If the Almighty God, that can literally do anything, took time to rest then me, as a puny human, definitely needs to take time as well.

          One reason it’s hard for me to take a Sabbath is that I like to get things done, I am an efficient person. In this, I often get stressed over not having enough time to do all the things that need to get done or what I want to do. It’s funny to me that I forget that the God I believe in created time, that He will give me enough time if I just ask. So, I have begun to ask because I know that Abba cares about what I care about. And low and behold He delivered like He always does.

          God is an endless provider. He is eager to give you things that you desire. He wants what is best for you. A Sabbath is in accordance with that. He wouldn’t have created and commanded rest if it wasn’t a necessity. For me, I know that I am incapable to endlessly continue in my life without resting, and just taking a night every once in a while, wasn’t cutting it anymore.

          God wants us to rest a full day so that He can fill us up. He can give you the rest, strength, and Spirit you need to achieve things your life. But He can only completely fill you up when you take ample time. Give Him your full time, you will never be disappointed by what the Creator gives in return.

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