This post is a three part series, if it even counts, basically I will be writing on the topic of self discovery within Christianity for the next couple of weeks. I’ve decided to write multiple blog posts on this specific topic because of an amazing book I read called, The Gift of Being Yourself, by David Benner. This has been one of the most life changing books I have read and I hope to do it at least some justice by writing small blog posts about what I learned. 

          It wasn’t until this past year that I recognized that there were deep parts of me that needed to be uncovered.

          In the quest of exposing those buried pieces, self discovery seemed to be the answer. Self discovery: a phrase that first had negative and strange connotations to me, but has now changed to be a cry for wholeness. 

          It is a cultural norm to discover one’s true self, to own their unique identity; but seeking self discovery within God looks wildly different. 

          Society calls us to search inward, to find what’s been hidden within because of the mutiny of others. True identity is found in things that give you life and the big ticket winner: happiness. 

          But when you try to find your true self, it will never be found on the inside. Instead, your true self can only be found by looking to God.

          This is because we are made in His image; He is within us.

          You can only know yourself by looking to God because you are already known by Him. He created you. There is nothing you do that goes unnoticed by Him. He accepts you for your true self, in fact, He’s the only one who knows it.

          So, why is it important to know your true self? Knowing yourself leads to knowing God. We are only able to fully see God for who He truly is, and not what we’ve made Him to be, by embracing our true self. 

          Not only do we learn more about God, but we also learn our true identity. When we know our true self we are knowing the self that God knows. 

          Lastly, we experience divine love in self discovery in God. Abba is able to pour out His pure, perfect love on us which helps show us our real selves that we’ve hidden away.

          Self discovery can be a beautiful thing, but can only be a true revelation in looking towards God. There is so much that occurs when you come to know your true self. You experience love, healing, and humility in an almighty Father who wants us to flourish.


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