This is post three in a three part series that is about self discovery within Christianity. Yay! This is it! If you’ve read them all, you’ve made it! If you haven’t no worries it isn’t necessary, but if you’d like to click HERE for the first post and HERE for the second. I’ve decided to write multiple blog posts on this specific topic because of an amazing book I read called, The Gift of Being Yourself, by David Benner. This has been one of the most life changing books I have read and I hope to do it at least some justice by writing small blog posts about what I learned. 


          True self discovery can only be accomplished by looking towards God because He is our Creator. In this, He uses His love to reveal the parts of us that need to be transformed. During and after the transformation is where we see true self discovery arise. We are able to become aware of our true self. 

          However, change can only truly happen when reality is accepted and embraced. In grasping on to our authentic self, the part that isn’t pretty or perfect, we are deciding to receive ourselves as we are: broken. But we don’t just stay in our brokenness, otherwise there would be no purpose of the resurrection.

          Instead, we are able to take on our true identity of love. The love which God has given us from the beginning of time.

          In my own journey, I have found it difficult to know if I was walking out my true identity. Since we have all been hiding behind walls we have built to protect ourselves, I wasn’t even sure that the person I was is the person God made me to really be. 

          Through prayer and reflection I have started to discover more of who God has made me to be. I have found that my genuine self is also my most humble, because the way of the true self is always humility. 

          Operating in humility means we are able to act candidly without striving for praise or affection. We live in complete freedom because Abba has already fulfilled our need for love.

          Another part of being your true self is living out your God given purpose. In The Gift of Being Yourself, Benner states that your calling is where your passion and the world’s hunger meet. Our purpose is that which is best for ourselves and the world. 

          In living out your purpose, humility will also be found. This is because we are only able to accomplish our purpose with God because He gave us that passion. Our aspirations will not be achieved to the fullest extent without God.  

          Learning to be your true self and walk it out is a lifelong calling that demands daily attention. If we start to neglect existing in love, humility, and purpose our past hurts will slowly start to reappear bringing with them our unhealthy coping mechanisms. 

          We need to remember above all else that out identity isn’t a possession, but a calling. We are called to be our true selves and to dwell in it. We are called loved. We are called children of God.


Benner, David G. The Gift of Being Yourself. InterVarsity Press, 2015.

One thought on “Living in Your True Identity

  1. Amen to this and to Brenner’s insights. For many this takes a lifetime to learn. How much better that you and your friends learn early. I will add that this life purpose need not be confused with vocation (income role). Jesus was a carpenter, many disciples were fisherman (also allegorical but real nonetheless). It’s an added joy when life passion/purpose can pay the bulls but rare and not required. Too often people wrongly assume their primary income must come from the passion/purpose.


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