Beginning to like someone is such a unique part of life. I think it’s crazy that one moment you can almost never think of someone and then the next moment they are taking over your brain.

          You can’t get them off your mind. They invade every thought, conversation, and part of your day. 

          Last year, my friend Charissa brought up this idea to fall in love with Jesus.

          In a search to deepen her walk with Him, she thought that if one could spend as much time thinking about Christ as one does when they fall for someone how much would that change her life. 

          I loved this idea and it radically changed my perspective on my day to day. I started putting it into practice right away, but it was harder than I thought. 

          I found it challenging to break away from my busy schedule and take time to focus on Jesus. 

          It annoyed me that thinking about someone you like can come so easily, but trying to remember the person who saved me from my sin was so hard in comparison.

          If God thinks of me every moment of my day, couldn’t I just spend minutes here and there doing the same?

          Even though it was difficult to pause my life for small moments and think of Abba, I continued to practice thinking of Him more and more. 

          Thinking of Jesus continuously throughout my day became easier the more I did it. I was able to thank Him and ask Him what I was supposed to in those times when I dwelled in His presence. 

          I never got to the place I wanted to of constantly thinking of Jesus and that’s okay. 

          But learning to fall in love with Jesus in the small parts of my day radically changed my life.

          I was able to take ordinary moments that might have passed me by and have them become a meeting place with the One who loves me more than anyone. 

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