Throughout my entire life, I have always been ashamed of my emotions. Crying was a sign of weakness, anger was a flaw. 

          I thought I needed to be poised, and if I was angry or sad I had to act the opposite. I told myself that if I couldn’t handle and accept my emotions no one else could.

          But I’ve learned that this is an astounding lie. 

          Not only have I found people in my life that can embrace me with all my crazy thoughts and feelings, but I’ve grown to understand that above anyone else Abba accepts all parts of me.

          He wants us to be honest with Him.

          I had this misconception for years that when I spoke to God I had to be composed. I knew that I could speak about things that I was having a hard time with, but expressing my true anger and disappointment would mean that I was acting ungrateful. 

          If I was frustrated by my circumstances than I shouldn’t fully express it to Him.

          But the truth is that God already knows your feelings and you can’t hide them from Him. He knows the deepest parts of who you are. 

          He wants to spend time with you, no matter what your mood is. God’s feelings for us do not change when our’s do.

          Be blunt with Him because He isn’t afraid of your emotions. 

          In fact, He created them. Everything that you feel was designed for a purpose. Your feelings have a purpose

          We don’t need to act differently in times when we are upset, frustrated, or annoyed. We can be authentic with Him. 

          In fact, I would encourage it. I have never felt more accepted, loved, and comforted by God than when I express my raw emotions. He wants to be with us in our grief, joy, and rage. When we become transparent, we are inviting God into those moments. The invitation allows Him to work, heal, and love us to our innermost parts.

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