There are countless words that people use synonymously not being aware that the words don’t mean the same thing. A perfect example of this is guilt and shame.

          Even though I think that these words are not the same, the dictionary would disagree with me. But I believe that the definition of them and the role they play in a person’s life is very different. 

          Guilt is remorse over something wrong that you’ve done. 

          Whereas shame is feeling that what you’ve done wrong is you, that you yourself are bad. Shame tells the lie that you are what you do.

          It deceives us to believe we are undeserving of love because of what we’ve done.

          It degrades and humiliates us.

          Guilt is a natural feeling that God has given us. We are able to use guilt to help recognize when we sin and what needs to change in our life. 

          However, shame is not a natural feeling. I believe that it is a feeling that has risen from the fall of humanity, where sin was introduced. 

          Shame will never allow you to continue in your life without making you feel disgraced of what and who you are. 

          Shame is destructive. 

          It distorts the truth about us. The absolute truth that we are loved, chosen and wanted, no matter what we’ve done. 

          Abba does not want us to feel shame. Jesus died so that you would not be condemned for your sins and bear the weight of them. 

          He offers His love freely to us, accepting our innermost secretive parts. 

          We are more than anything we could do. Our actions are not a reflection of our worth. We are children of God. 

          My goal is to never feel shame. I believe that it gets in the way of seeing how much God values us, which is the entire purpose of the death and resurrection of Christ. 

          When we are able to break free from shame we are able to embody the person God has created and called us to be. Nothing you do can mess up who you are. You are fully loved. 

Super awesome resource from a very reliable person:

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