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Respecting Personal Boundaries – September 21st, 2019

As I have grown older I have learned more about boundaries and the importance of building and maintaining healthy ones with others. They help establish relationships that create space for honesty and growth while still respecting the other person. One thing I realized while trying to establish boundaries with others was that we often forget to have boundaries with ourselves…. [Continue Reading]

20 Impactful Things I’ve Learned in My Life – August 15th, 2019

Yesterday, was my 20th birthday. So far, being twenty is not what I thought it would be. In fact, every year I still feel the same; I feel like a kid. I think the only thing that has been consistent is even though I gain more wisdom, I continue to realize how unwise I am and realize all the things I’m clueless about. But I think that’s part of growing up, learning wisdom while…. [Continue Reading]

Cucumber Carrot Asian Salad – July 15th, 2019

This recipe is perfect for people who love veggies and vinegar! It’s great as a side dish or the main entree. It can be saved for up to a week refrigerated in a container. Hope you enjoy…. [Continue Reading]