Guilt vs. Shame

          There are countless words that people use synonymously not being aware that the words don’t mean the same thing. A perfect example of this is guilt and shame.           Even though I think that these words are not the same, the dictionary would disagree with me. … Continue reading Guilt vs. Shame


Transparency with God

          Throughout my entire life, I have always been ashamed of my emotions. Crying was a sign of weakness, anger was a flaw.            I thought I needed to be poised, and if I was angry or sad I had to act the opposite. I told myself … Continue reading Transparency with God

20 Impactful Things I’ve Learned in My Life

          Yesterday, was my 20th birthday. So far, being twenty is not what I thought it would be. In fact, every year I still feel the same; I feel like a kid. I think the only thing that has been consistent is even though I gain more wisdom, I continue to … Continue reading 20 Impactful Things I’ve Learned in My Life