Expressing Instead of Repressing

          In the last couple of months, I’ve made it my goal to feel my emotions to the fullest extent when they arise.            Instead of pushing them down, away, or bottling them up as I usually do, I made a conscious decision to deal with them … Continue reading Expressing Instead of Repressing

Respecting Personal Boundaries

          As I have grown older I have learned more about boundaries and the importance of building and maintaining healthy ones with others. They help establish relationships that create space for honesty and growth while still respecting the other person.          One thing I realized while trying to … Continue reading Respecting Personal Boundaries

Guilt vs. Shame

          There are countless words that people use synonymously not being aware that the words don’t mean the same thing. A perfect example of this is guilt and shame.           Even though I think that these words are not the same, the dictionary would disagree with me. … Continue reading Guilt vs. Shame